To rent the facility for a special event, click here to access the Denver Parks and Recreation website. Make sure and click on "Download Brochure" on the right hand side of the site.

You will fill out the Event Facility Rental Application and submit on the first Monday in November. Reservations for next year's events are not accepted until the November date.

Continental "Divine" Catering is happy to assist with the permit process and will submit your application if you aren't able to do so. Continental "Divine" Catering will then hold the permit and insurance coverage for your event.


For fees and information on reserving the Bandshell, please contact the facility coordinator.

A Bandshell Permit covers the Bandshell and the grass area in front of it, as well as the Sopris Gardens, located on the West side of the Pavilion. The Bandshell includes ample electrical service for amplified entertainment or a PA system.

The Bandshell and/or Sopris Gardens require additional permits and are not included in the Pavilion rental.

Sopris Garden

The Sopris Gardens, which is a separate permit from the Bandshell, are a popular location for a wedding ceremony as well. When considering which location is more appropriate for your own ceremony consider the following:

1) The Bandshell offers a great view of the Bandshell itself, along with Ferril Lake, and the West balcony of the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. Because the park walking path cuts between the Pavilion and the Bandshell, this location is not quite as private as the Sopris Gardens.

2) The Sopris Gardens offer a floral setting with views of the Pavilion, and the Burns Gardens and statue. Because the Gardens are located on the West side of the Pavilion, without any guest pathways, this location is somewhat more private.